6 Guidelines on How to Market your Business Online

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6 Guidelines on How to Market your Business Online

As a reputed marketing consultant, we, at Dow Marketing Consultancy are formed with a team of experts that specialize in different fields regarding marketing. We offer services that suit your marketing needs both online and offline – starting from planning your business plan, to executing necessary actions for it.

And for starters, we have listed down some tips on how you can market your business online. These are just few, but if you need help from an expert, we, at Dow Marketing Consultany, will be honored to help you.

Tip #1 Know your keywords: in order for you to have a better online marketing plan, you need to spot what your customers are looking for exactly. Here, we mean the most used words to look up your services online which will tell you what are their needs or wants.

Tip #2 Create a website: it will be a supreme necessity for you to have a well-designed website to cultivate an actual online presence. You can make use of WordPress to build your website, which is considered to be a great CSM (Content Management System) powering 27% of the top 10 million websites. As you can also rely on a reputable Online Marketing Agency to boost your online image and save you all the trouble!

Tip #3 Make up relevant content: blogging is seen as a genius method for you to stay updated and for your website to stay tuned to the latest of your customers’ favorites and frequent searches which will determine the integration of specific and relevant keywords in your content.

Tip #4 SEO (Search Engine Optimization: focus on implementing a local SEO strategy to make certain that people in your geographic area spot you and go for your services, be listed in Google My Business, Yahoo Local and Bing Local as a start. Organic SEO can help you to achieve your local SEO strategy.

Tip #5 Get good reviews: a recently done study, shows that 80% of people choose to pay their money on a certain service after an online search, based on the given reviews which are seen just as good as a friend’s referral.

Tip #6 Benefit from social media: leverage your social media platforms and engage your audience to the greatest extent, with adequately personalized messages to get them hooked. You need to take advantage of your online presence on various social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram), which will ultimately promote or attract more people to your business.


You might think it’s hard. But with proper practice and understanding about online marketing, you will see that this is not as hard as you think.

However, you still might need expert consultations to make sure your business is going well – and we can help you with that. Dow Marketing Consultancy have specialists that can help you all through out. We will guide you and help you develop your business.

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