What is the Best Colour Scheme for your Brand?


What is the Best Colour Scheme for your Brand?

Deciding on a color is one of the most powerful choices you can make while evolving your brand visual. Selecting the right logo colors can reflect your business’ assets and help you attract the right clientele. And, as you might guess, the wrong mixture can have the opposite outcome. Hence, your customer can decide to shop elsewhere. Keep in mind that traffic is good but clients are better!

So, here are a few tips to help you set the right color tone for your brand:

1- Know Your Audience:

Knowing the psychographics and demographics of the envisioned audience is very acute, in order to help you choose the right brand color. The choice of color relates to the audience. For example, pink and yellow would normally be a big turnoff for an 18-year-old game playing male but could be very appealing to a 50 year old mom.
Also, the choice of color must represent your company’s personality, the message that your business wishes to convey as well as the virtues you wish to highlight. A company which provides in-home care for people will likely have a different color scheme than a company which sells cars and trucks.

2-Examine The Competition:

During the planning process for your online branding, it is important to refer to your competitor’s website design and choice of color. This will help you get a better idea of the feel and quality used by comparable organizations, which sets you ground to stand out from the crowd with the right color scheme for your online brand. After all, differentiating yourself is the key to a captivating brand!

3-Think Psychologically:

Select colors that give a psychological comeback to an audience, particularly for an online brand that looks to grow its traffic. Always focus on your target audience and what feeling excites them the most when surfing through your website. For instance, if your aim is to get attention, use strong colors such as red. (As you know, this color is used for stop signs) But, is you intend to generate peace and soothing environment, opt for calming colors like blue, green and purple.

4-Be Deliberate:

Always be thoughtful and simple in choosing the right color scheme. Usually, the choice of two to three colors is enough for an actual design. Think carefully about what you want your audience to do when visiting your website and how you would like them to respond or interact. Apply a bold color to the most important features or messages that you want to highlight and which also helps the audience to navigate through the web. So here make sure that color choice enhances your brand and makes it more powerful.

What color tells about a brand is more intricate than what you think! We highly recommend visiting Dow Group – A Web Design in Dubai, for your web design and color schemes to your brands.


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